Perhaps a Budding Data Storyteller: Part 2 – the Functional Art

Alberto Cairo is one of the biggest reasons why I became interested in data visualization. At first, I did not know that Data Visualization could be a career possibility. I first checked out his book the Functional Art from the library in my hometown. I was simply intrigued by the title. The Functional Art: An introduction to information graphics and data visualization.

I was surprised to find a book dedicated solely to infographics. I am not particularly fond of marketing infographics that focus too much on contrasting colors and busy pictures. Although I am an artist and I love comics, I also like numbers and analyzing data. The book focused on the design aspects of graphs. Cairo emphasized the importance of simplicity and telling a story with the data.

Data storytelling sounded intriguing. I realized that Cairo taught at my University. I thought about it. Infographics at the Communication School does not have much at all to do with what I was studying and I have already taken plenty of elective courses. However, on the other hand, would I regret not taking a course with Cairo?


Slow Reader

I am definitely not a fast reader. I read rather slowly, and I also enjoy reading aloud when I am by myself. Lately, I have been reading a lot of non-fiction books. For my pleasure-reading books, I often keep a notebook where I write my thoughts, quotes, and ideas as  I read. Sometimes I daydream while I’m reading and will have to read the chapter again or even a few chapters.

I want to have a book log… to jot down things that I learn while reading.