Feeling Discouraged, Learning Motivation

Lately, I haven’t felt like myself. I went through a training with amazingly smart people. I felt lost in the field, drowning in my own ignorance.

I fell like an imposter. I felt like I didn’t belong and I didn’t know anything. I started to produce bad work and I stopped to a stand-still. I froze. I started to lose sight of who I was when I started to give up. I started to lose sight of usual life motto.

My Life Motto:

“I’d rather FAIL while doing my best, than to LIVE  without ever trying to succeed.”

Somehow I made it through the training and started to work. I reflected on the training and realized that I can’t let it happen again. I have to stick to my motto, my mojo. Otherwise, just like my life motto says, “I’d rather fail while doing my best, than to live without ever trying to succeed.” I have always thrown myself into uncomfortable situations and learned from it. I must continue to do so.

In order to motivate myself to learn, I want to juxtapose things I have learned or done with things that I learn today.

Something I have done in the past:

  • I made a felt jellyfish plush doll based off the anime, Jellyfish Princess. I did research on how to make plush dolls. I found an octopus plush pattern online. I created my own pattern based off of the anime and with some advice from my roommate. It took 20+ hours with research and implementation, but I was really proud of the result and brought it with me as a prop for my Tsukimi cosplay.claraJellyfish_sig

Something I learned today:

Today I signed up for the Java Servlets and JSP course on Udemy by in28Minutes, Ranga Karanam. I learned about a lot more shortcuts using Eclipse.

Ctrl + spacebar: good for auto-completion

Ctrl + 1: To move a class to another package

Alt + Shift + r: To refactor – rename – variable or class.

I spent a little too much time reviewing the previous videos on running Tomcat server using Maven. I created servlets that extend the HTTP Request Servlet from the JavaEE servlet maven dependency.

Side Note:

When I felt so lost, panicking, and losing my way…. I also felt so grateful because there were so many people that were supportive. I couldn’t even imagine that so many people had my back.


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