World of D3.js – 2: JavaScript and UNICEF Project

These are slow re-counts of my semester so far taking Data Visualization with D3.

During the summer, I tried to do some independent studying with JavaScript reading up books such as JavaScript for Cats, Eloquent JavaScript, and Jon Duckett’s JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development. I should have done more than reading and coded more to understand the language better.

Week 1: I was still in Asia and did not get back in time for the first week of classes. I read the assignments and met with my professor during her office hours. I learned about our semester project, we would be working with UNICEF data to create visuals on D3.

Some of the examples my teacher gave us: JanWillem Tulp’s storytelling interactive shows many different data visualizations:

At first, I found the visualizations to be cool and amazing. I looked forward to even creating something remotely like them. Now, I still think they are amazing, but I also feel intimidated. After 12 weeks of this course, I realize just how difficult it is to create these wonderful visualizations. Despite my worries, I know that I am learning a lot from the back-end of creating these visuals.


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