I Don’t Like Watching Movies

My friends are getting excited for the new premiere of Jurassic World, yet I am feeling pretty indifferent towards the film. I have never been a huge movie fanatic. I often prefer doing other things rather than sit through a whole film. I wonder if it has something to do with my attention span?

While I thought about this topic, I tried to remember what movies I really love. My favorite is definitely “My Neighbor Totoro” by Miyazaki because it’s the movie that I watched over and over again growing up. I also enjoy Disney films because I enjoyed singing along. I also enjoy (clean) comedy films and martial arts films. I used to love this one Chinese movie called “Shaolin Popey”(笑林小子) which is a comedy/martial arts children’s film which I also watched frequently as a kid. I realized that my favorite films are mostly from my childhood.

I feel like movies are an integral part of the American culture, yet I have never really bought into the hype. I have no problem waiting to watch a movie at home instead of at a theater. In fact, I prefer watching the movie at a small cinema or at home. I don’t like huge crowds, especially at a premiere, and I sometimes feel uncomfortable when people are too hyped up. I guess a part of me has always been a bit different from others, which makes me not “fit in” in many situations. I don’t love movies, but I don’t hate it either. I can still have a good time watching movies with my friends, but I would rather we go eat something yummy or run around outside instead.

The most recent and fun movie experience for me was watching a re-run of the first Pokemon movie at the cinema at my university. It was extremely fun because my friends and I laughed the whole time because of the nostalgia and the trippiness of the Pokemon movie. So, yes, I sometimes enjoy watching movies, but I just don’t consider it to be one of my pastimes.