Slow Reader

I am definitely not a fast reader. I read rather slowly, and I also enjoy reading aloud when I am by myself. Lately, I have been reading a lot of non-fiction books. For my pleasure-reading books, I often keep a notebook where I write my thoughts, quotes, and ideas as  I read. Sometimes I daydream while I’m reading and will have to read the chapter again or even a few chapters.

I want to have a book log… to jot down things that I learn while reading.


Thinking Too Much — but I can’t help it!

I can’t help thinking a lot. I hate that side of me, that’s why when I get extremely frustrated with being too caught up in thinking, I do rash things just to take some sort of action. Getting things done makes me feel good, but alas I really am a tormented thinker.

I think, think, think.

Usually in the form of day-dreams, I just wander off in my inner world and not actually do anything substantial in the physical world.What can I say, I am a dreamer. A slightly anxious one that has too many worries, paranoia, and stress. I live in the world of possibilities as it tries to drown me in a sea of lost time.

One goal that I have for this blog is to be able to share information that I learn. Because I have so many questions in the world, I try my best to find answers. Hopefully, I share things that others find useful or enjoy reading.

By the way what’s my name? Should I use my real name? If I use my real name, then people can look me up, which could be a good thing or a bad thing. I can link this wordpress to my personal website which uses my real name and build my personal name or whatever the business articles on Forbes or Business Insider usually suggest, but what if stalkers come and track me down? Internet privacy — is almost nonexistant. I already have way too much information on the internet, I shouldn’t make it any easier for others to track me down. Anyways, I decided I should stick to the alias that I always use for my drawings and artwork, DimsumPanda. You may call me Dimsum. Otherwise, you may also call me Barqbar which is the nickname that a very good friend of mine coined for me when her phone auto-corrected my real first name, Barbara. Oh no! Gasp, now you know my real name!